How To Fix Mobile Phone That Won’t Charge ( Full Information )

Today almost every man has a smart phone in hand but many times we have trouble with the battery problem wherever you see the block, put the mobile in charge, but by adopting some methods, your phone’s battery can run for a long time and quickly Can also be charged phone charging problem

How To Fix Mobile Phone That Won’t Charge ( Full Information )

Whenever you charge a mobile phone, charge it only by closing it, the advantage of this will be that the battery of the mobile will be quickly charged and the consumption of the battery will be less

phone charging problem

Apart from this, it is also a better way to put mobile phones on the flight mode during charging, because this will be the battery that actually costs the battery.

Keep the temperature at the time of charging the mobile phone. This advice company also gives advice. It is important for the charging phone to not hit the phone or the sunlight, as many times we people call the phone charge in your car. Never do this on a dashboard

Always charge your mobile phone with the original charger Do not use the charger found on the pavement. The advantage of this is that your phone will be safe and will be charged early and there will be no problem in your phone.

phone charging problem

phone charging problem

Many times our mobile phone has a charging problem

Such as having no phone charge or ever charging and never being

This kind of problem can also be with mobile phone charger or USB cable, so first change the charger or try changing the port of the USB cable. Many times the cable disconnected, the charging problem occurs.


Or by charging repeated charging pins in our phone, charging connector in the phone is also damaged due to charging problem

If you have a charging problem in your phone and you have taken all this method, even if your charging problem is not being solved, then you should update your phone software. Sometimes the problem of software is also to get a problem like charging note support or connector button. You get the latest firmware update in your phone for this


If your phone has a battery charging problem then it can also be from hardware


If there is no indication showing when the mobile phone charging is being done then check the mobile phone

phone charging problem

phone charging problem

charger with the multimeter, the charger should be 5.6 volt on the Pino

If this is correct, then reload or replace the 5 pin of the mobile phone charging connector


Fix the 5 pin of the mobile phone charger connector, correct it with a jumper or put a board board jumper

Charger Connector Regulator Check that Current Sense Register to be opened


Note, if the charging charge is running when charging the mobile phone battery, then change the charger connector


Hands Free Symbol Displaying problem


No indication is available on the phone charging display and the charger is also correct

Then check the connection to the charger connector plus minus to be shorter

Handsfree’s symbol is being showcased when charging in the phone, but charging process note working

First, check the charger for this, if the charger is not charging, the pin code of the charger connector is old or check to be broken Check charger connector to check the positive and negative supply of the charger connector to open and check the jumper.


Note: The Hands-free symbol Charger in the mobile phone comes due to the short connector between the connector


Mobile phone charging starts hot


For this, first check the battery being charged by charging the battery, dry sold or change the current sensor register.


Rise or change the power IC due to a luce connection


Note: This kind of fast Current Censor Register comes in the mobile phone as being loose and defective

Charging indication is not showing when the phone is charging

There is no indication of any kind on the display when charging charge and the charger is also correct

Check to check the connection of Charger Connect plus minus to short, check to check charger volt fuse and coil open

If the charger input output is open from anywhere, check charger enabled transistor installed on the jumper

phone charging problem

phone charging problem


China mobile phone warning bed contact charger problem

In China mobile phone, where the message of Warning Wet Contact Charger is coming on charging, create a Direct Charging Circuit with two diodes, do not charge more than one hour from the charging circuit created in this manner.


Charger note support problem

Charger note support message is being received when charging charge in mobile phone

First change the charger and check the connection of the charger connector Check value from charger connector to 700 to 800

If the charger connector tips are showing low value or shorting, then remove the charger over volt protector

Or the charging regulator, see the current Sense Register

Note: This type of fast charger keyboard has low sleep if the components in the mobile charger line are small

Mobile Phone Battery Charging Solution

Try changing the charger and charger connector and battery

Mobile Phone Battery Change Current Sense Register Mobile Phone Battery Connector Correct Connection Resold CPU

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