Full information to solve the problem of mobile phone network

Mobile  network problem is how to solve

Friends Smartphones have become a part of our lives but at times we have to face a lot of problems due to some problems and misplaced reasons like late charging and not coming to the network.

Full details to solve the problem of mobile phone networks

Friends, if you are facing problems such as Network Not Available on Network or Insert SIM Card in your Android Smart Phone, then today we will tell you about how to deal with these problems.

There may be many reasons for mobile phone network problems, this is not only because you are out of coverage area, but sometimes it happens even when you are in the network area

So if you have your mobile phone are experiencing weak signal or network Not available when you apply the Solution few below to solve the problem of network in his mobile on your mobile phone

mobile network problem and solution

If there is a weak signal problem in your Android smartphone, then switch from 3g to 2G to network so that your mobile phone signal strength can improve, go to your mobile phone settings to open wireless and network settings now on the mobile network Click on network mode only WMA select only GSM 2G or W CDMA GSM Auto by removing w CDMA 3G mode W CDMA mode can be accessed only by 3G network Sector while GSM is only to receive a 2G signal and if you choose w CDMA gsm phone itself will best 2G or 3G, which also signal would take to access

mobile network

mobile network

mobile network

mobile network

mobile network

mobile network

If you are unable to connect to the Internet due to weak mobile signal or network failure, then turn on data roaming option. Most of this option works when you are traveling and roaming around and outside the roaming area. To turn on, go to Phone Settings and open Wireless and Network Settings Click on Mobile Network Now, Rotate data roaming option by As will be internet access in your mobile phone even when you’re looking for the best network for their roaming area
In this situation, remove the phone battery and SIM card in such a situation and then switch it to the phone again. By doing so, the phone network will return or sometimes your mobile phone technology is caused by the problem. First of all, Switch off your smartphone, then take out the battery and remove the SIM card, then after 2 minutes, the SIM card and the battery will be reloaded in the phone. Switch to planting 5

Mobile Phone Battery ki jankari और बैटरी में उपयोग किए जाने वाले धातु lithium

Wait for the minute In most cases, rebooting the device simply causes all the problem to be solved, even because of a network problem, the mobile phone here is not always connected to the nearest phone tower, so switching the phone off almost problem is Solv
The phone becomes a resolution of network problems in most cases placed on manual network so you can type manually the preferred network choose to do in your mobile phone settings on the wireless network settings on a mobile network operator select and select it from your own and just got extra cover on the mobile phone is not a sacrifice that mobile phone network Difficulty in finding the
So fix a Slovli charging Android Smart Phone Full Information

Even after this, if your smartphone’s network problem is not resolved then check the phone’s IMEI number by dialing * # 06 # in your Android phone. Also, the network failure comes from corrupting the number of IMEI numbers.

Update Android smartphone

Time it issues in mobile smart phones on the company and issued updates to fix Problems and issues that come up in the mobile phone by Google is become fixed and it seems to work without trouble Mobile

Friends, if the network problem in mobile phone is not going to go anyway, open the mobile phone to open the phone, after opening on the phone, check the antenna wire on the phone PCB board without the two heads of the wire cleaned by CTC Liquid

mobile network

मोबाइल फोन नेटवर्क

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Click and PCB board again the antenna wire and Connect bottom pudding that whether to change the mobile phone re Sold engaged network ic PCB board network problem still remains

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