How to Fix a Slowly Charging Android Smart phone full information

The biggest reason for not having a backup of the battery in the days of smart phone is to keep the hours active on the internet to downloading and watching an online movie. They do not have to spend too much time with our smart phone, so we have to charge a smart phone too. You need to have a mobile phone that is slow for a long time. how to fix this problem

How to Fix a Slowly Charging Android Smart Phone


fix cell phone charger repair

Hello friends, my name is deepesh pandole or you have said that you can solve your mobile phone’s slow charging problem.

If you have a problem with charging the mobile phone or charging for a slow user, then the user can easily charge a smart phone.

If the phone is slow enough to charge the phone, or if you are unable to charge the phone or you are slow, then switch the charging cable to the cable or change the cable.

Smartphone charging related problem solution

If you have any questions about the value of your phone, you will not be able to access the quality of your mobile phone.

Because the old cable goes out of the mattress’s layer. So in the old phone, try using another phone’s cable, your problem will be solved.

Phone charging adapter problem fix

Mobile Phone Battery ki jankari hindi me

If the phone of a great brand does not have a better charging adapter, the phone is not charged properly
Because it will not be able to connect properly with the phone. Frequently charging new phones in new phones
The reason for this is that its power adapter or usb cable is not of good quality, so change them
fix problem
See. If the old phone is taking time in the charge hone then check the charger first, for that
Charger to any other phone
Connect with see if it is charging properly, then understand that USB cable or power
The adapter has trouble
Agar mobile phone is new but for charging you are using old charger because do not do it exactly as you see it right

Kyonki old charger Regardless of how much Bhahi looks like in the right condition, but it will slow down the phone because the battery power of the old phone will be less than the new one, so its charger will charge the new phone slow only. The battery power of the new phone is high, so use the new charger to charge it.

Dead mobile phone problem or uska step by step Repairing solution in hindi

New smart phone was purchased like this, or the old mobile phone is also doing better.

It is important that you keep updating the software update that comes in the apne phone and sends the software update on the smart phone company time time, which is essential for the better performance of the phone

If you do not do ayesa then the problem of slow charging will remain in the phone. You can also check the software update yourself. For this, go to your phone settings> About phone> Software and update.

 battery calibration

To diagnose the problem of smart phone slow charging problem, then adopt the battery calibration process in the mobile phone, then discharge the phone completely before it, then switch off the phone switch to 100% and switch it to 100% Charge, please restart now and charge 100%. Make this process 2-3 times. This is called battery calibration. The advantage of this is that if the phone is slowly charging due to the battery, the problem will be solved.



Check smart phone charger power supply

One reason for the slow charging of the phone is power or the charger can be mobile
In the phone
Check that your optional charger is charging the phone on the kite volt and the phone’s original
How much voltage charger
Supplying on
Mobile phone charging power

Many times it happens that we have to charge our mobile phone with a dusre charger
But we have to take a phone call because some phones from 1 ampere
Can not take more concrete and their chargers are also 1 ampere and kuch smart phone
Or tablet requires 2.1 ampere current, so their charger is also 2.1 ampere
If your mobile phone charger par output 2.1 is written then power back 1 amper
Do not take it, it will take a lot of time to charge aapke mobile ko.
Wala power bank or charger
Kai baar Many apps use mobile phone me battery Also, the phone’s battery slowly
Charging is that if you want to consume battery from apps or other apps like 360 ​​Security
You can find apps that have more and uninstall the apps that are consuming more.
If you want to do this, then you have to switch to android mobile phone that has slowed down your phone battery life.
Especially when all the difficulties mentioned above are slowly charging the phone

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