Write Essay On World Environment Day | 10 Line on World Environment Day

Write Essay On World Environment Day | 10 Line on World Environment Day

Environment Day On Essay

World environment day is celebrated on 5th June it is annual campaign run by united nation environment program me to raise global awareness about environment and nature to protect the planet earth . various actives are organised in schools and colleges to make it more effective . activities like speech , quiz competition essay writing , poster competition etc . help to promote awareness among people.

Write Essay On World Environment Day

Individuals can also contribute by plan ting trees , saving water , less use of electricity , save wild life etc . we live on earth , so earth is our first home it is our responsibility to keep it clean and green the condition day by day because of pollution and various human activities we should promote Eco – friend development in our country to save the environment for future use

Write Essay On World Environment Day

10 Lines On World Environment Day in English Essay

1 World environment day is celebrate on 5 June every year all over the world .

2 The main aim of this day is to raise awareness among people to protect the environment

3 World environment day was first celebrated in 1974 with theme of ” only one earth

4 World environment day comes annually with a new theme which assigned by the united nation .

5 The theme of world environment day ” 2021 is ecosystem restoration

6. Issues like pollution , biodiversity , global warming are the main focus on world environment day

7 On this day many action programs are organized to support and protect our environment

8 Saving our environment is in our hands .

9 We all need to contribute to save by planting trees , saving trees , reducing plastic usage and by saving all natural resources .

10 The environment has given so much , now it is our duty to keep it safe for the next generation.

Write Essay On World Environment Day

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